• ECA-500® is an ideal solution for environmental surfaces and health hazards. ECA-500® is a colorless, non-corrosive and fragrance free disinfectant. The ingredients in ECA-500® are:

  • Generally regarded as safe by the USDA

  • NSF rated for use on food contact surfaces without rinse

  • ECA-500® is powerful enough to kill deadly bacteria in hospitals, yet gentle enough for use in nurseries and on childrens toys. Since ECA-500® does not emit fumes or cause skin irritation, it is gentle enough to use without gloves or protective equipment.ctive

    Regardless of the application, ECA-500® at a neutral pH kills bacteria, pathogens, germs, viruses, mold, mildew, fungi, and spores on contact or within seconds. ECA-500® when diluted with H2O, has been shown to be as much as 100 times more effective than household bleach at eliminating bacteria.

    The potential applications for ECA-500® as a disinfectant are limitless! ECA-500® has been EPA approved for use as a biocide or disinfectant in:
    Disaster clean-up and Sanitation (including mold remediation)
    Healthcare – Medical, Dental, Surgical, Emergency Room, Laboratory and Blood Bank applications

    Veterinary Practices
    Food Services – Restaurants, Cafeterias and other public eating facilities
    Hospitality Industry
    Travel Industry – Planes, Buses, Cruise Ships and Rental Cars
    Schools, Daycare Facilities and Nurseries
    Sports & Recreational Facilities such as Gymnasiums, Health Clubs and Bowling Alleys Restrooms, Floors, Kitchens and Appliances and Many, Many, More!!!