Introducing ECA-500

Your New Go To Disinfectant Spray

In an age of travel and human interaction we find ourselves surrounded by new strains of bacteria, viruses, and super-bugs. As pathogens from remote parts of the world mingle with other pathogens of different parts of the world, we find nature has once again created something new. With the modern world of fast transportation and a changing culture, we unfortunately have an opportunity to help spread these new pathogens with increased ease and speed from person to person via physical touch and airborne transmission. 

In most cases, the modern immune system can easily adapt to these new pathogens as fast as nature can mutate them, but in rare cases it takes more time for the human immune system to adapt. This is where assistance is needed from the scientific world to help keep adaptable pathogens under control until immune systems can adapt, vaccines can be developed, or the new pathogen runs its course and is less of an issue. 

Nature has also been one of humankind’s best allies in the fight to survive these harmful pathogens. In each living body there is an internal ability to fight these harmful pathogens known as white blood cells. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is one of the most effective known biocides. HOCL is one of the same chemicals produced by white blood cells to kill invasive organisms and fight infection. It is one of nature’s best defenses against harmful pathogens. It is very safe, very effective, and leaves little to no room for these harmful pathogens to adapt or continue to evolve.

ECOridge LLC has worked for several years to develop a formula of safe environmental chemistries that dissolve in water to create the very powerful HOCL. ECOridge has detailed EPA registration (#91138-1) showing it is effective as a biocide, fungicide, and mold remediator. The solution is very stable, close to pH neutral, and when used properly is very safe. 

HOCL has been around for decades and is known to be 100X more effective than common bleach in eliminating the harmful pathogens threatening our way of life. With its near neutral pH and no additional exotic chemicals, it is much less harmful to the user and the equipment being disinfected. ECA-500 is a water-soluble granular available in bulk, premeasured pouches and tablets. Because it is a dry granular it is easier and less expensive to ship, has a longer shelf life and is easier to store than traditional bulky liquid disinfectants. 

ECOridge has been testing and effectively utilizing the ECA-500 for several years in multiple markets including food production, dairy and janitorial applications and feels very confident that it is not only the efficient and economic choice for the pathogen crisis we all face today, but will be the disinfectant of choice to keep us all safe for the future. 

The ECA-500 product can be purchased in three strengths for use: 1) a Residential Surface Sanitizer, 2) a Commercial Sanitizer, and 3) a Health Care Sanitizer. All grades are very effective, but the buyer of ECA-500 will need to consult the efficacy chart to verify the strength they will need to use and how to apply the product to effectively eliminate target pathogens. ECA-500 is the simple effective solution for the disinfectant/sanitizer issues we face today.

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